Edutainment Podcasting

I just finished scanning a paper written in 2009 by someone from the University of Limerick.  The paper is called 'A review of podcasting in higher education: It's influence on the traditional lecture' and is available, like everything on the web, it can be found via the mighty Google, and appears in the 'Australasian Journal of Educational Technology'.  Even though the paper is now 8 years old as I write this, that's about 23 in academic years and about 99 in podcast years, it's still quite relevant. 

Calling all Drupal developers

Atlas fire in Sonoma County California

As a former fire fighter and northern California resident, I feel especially helpless as thousand of families and their animals are displaced by the relentless fires raging for over a week in Northern California.  The LNU Complex - formerly the Atlas fire and other fires nearby in the wine country have burned over 119,000 acres as of this morning.  Over 5,000 homes have been consumed.  Over 35 people have died in the fires and hundreds more are unaccounted for.

Bay Area Drupal Camp 2017 Summit Tracks

BADCamp 2017

Getting ready for BADCamp used to be so easy.  It used to be that an hour or two was all I needed to pick a handful of presentations.  Then I'd buzz down 80, get off at University and head up the hill to find a place to park.  Good times! Holy Blue-Drop-Guy-Icon, how times have changed.  If you're thinking of going to BADCamp this year, don't wait 'til the last minute to set your agenda.  There is so much to do and see this year, a little do-ahead work will likely save you a ton of time and you won't miss out on what you really want to get out of BADCamp this year.  

What if they only need a Half Stack Developer?

I'm a full stack developer

I was reading an article in CodeUp just now on the definition of Full-Stack Developer.  Pretty interesting but something needs a little peeling back, in my humble opinion.  According to the author,

"Full-stack die-hards would consider a full-stack developer to have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development. Thus, a full-stack developer would be proficient, if not fluent, in:

Calibrating my clubs

If I were to guess how much time is spent figuring out what the best club is for my next shot, my guess would be somewhere around.... way too much.

My old routine was pretty much the same since I learned how to swing a club.  I'd pick a club out of the bag that I felt most comfortable with.  The problem with that old routine is I had no idea how far I could actually hit that club given the lie of the ball and about 10 other factors.  I played golf for years without knowing if I could even hit my intended target or figuring out where I could mis-hit.